Community Ventures TX

Collective Impact

We have more to give. Together.

The individuals who join Community Ventures want to make a difference.  They are looking to increase their meaningful impact by working together.  Community Ventures allows you to:

Invest to Increase Impact by Combining Funds, Talent and Time

In these challenging times, the impact of support for nonprofits is critical to enable services to our most vulnerable populations.  At Community Ventures the investment is talent and time as well as financial.

Since Community Ventures was founded in 2018, Community Ventures has provided over $120K to Houston area nonprofits.  Over 100 hours of consulting and 500 hours of volunteer time.

Invest in Vetted Nonprofits

There are thousands of nonprofits. How do you decide which ones to fund?

Community Ventures has an investment committee that goes through a structured, rigorous evaluation process to determine which nonprofits can be helped the most by working with Community Ventures partners and investment.

Community Ventures provides the opportunity for all partners to be on the investment committee to vet the nonprofits.  The recommendations are voted an approved by all Community Ventures partners.  This ensures the funds are resources are wisely invested.

The investment committee members:

  • Outreach to the nonprofit community to let them know about the opportunity
  • Collectively review letters of inquiry and proposals, debating the merits of each nonprofit
  • Visit those nonprofits, meeting staff and board members, and witnessing their work and impact
  • Provide recommendations to Partners on which nonprofit to fund

Partners consistently say that participating on the investment committee is one of the most rewarding experiences at Community Ventures and with one member of the committee becoming the Lead Partner with the nonprofit and managing the relationship.

Engage in Shared Learning

What are the critical challenges in Houston?  Which organizations are having the largest impact?   Why and what are the critical success factors?  How to evaluate effective nonprofits?

These are just a few of the questions that Community Venture Partners ask.   Learning Labs that can be seminars, discussion groups or workshops Community Ventures provides the knowledge to answer those questions.  

Volunteer Your Time and Talent

How do you want to support the Houston community?  If you are reading this, you probably want to partner with other and be more involved than just donating money.  Good news, we have the same approach and look forward to discussing how you can learn more and get involved.

Our Portfolio Companies:

  • Strengthen nonprofits by volunteering their unique professional skills
  • Shape Community Ventures by being active in leadership or one of the committees

Strengthen Nonprofits

Community Ventures believes that workforce development is foundational to improving the Houston community. Individuals who are economically self-sufficient have more choices and options.

Community Ventures Portfolio nonprofits are all addressing how to provide support, resources and skills to enable those they serve to join the workforce and and they are ready to take their work to the next level.

They’ve recognized ways that their nonprofit could be stronger, and are working with Community Ventures to implement those plans. Community Ventures works with nonprofits for three years. Community Ventures is actively working with three or four nonprofit in any given year.