Community Ventures TX

Partnership F.A.Q.

Why should I join Community Ventures?

  • Meaningful volunteer opportunities: Community Ventures provides a bridge to opportunities where your professional skills and experience can be used meaningfully to greatly benefit non-profit organizations.
  • Maximum social impact: We ensure your charitable dollars will generate the most impact because of our focus on strategic growth initiatives and because of our engagement with the non-profits we support.
  • Being a part of Community Ventures means thoughtfully applying our collective resources and experiences to maximize social impact.

Where does Community Ventures get its funds?

Community Ventures gets its funds from its membership. We challenge each member to give an annual amount that they deem as personally significant beginning at $1k. Our current average is $5k.

What type of people are you looking for to join Community Ventures?

We want working professionals who desire to do more than simply write a check. People who are engaged and desire to become more effective philanthropists will fit in nicely. We want like-minded individuals who view philanthropy as a life-long commitment.

What if I do not have a corporate background?

We value and want a variety of perspectives from different industries. There are multiple opportunities to get involved that do not require corporate backgrounds. At heart we desire to learn together to grow in our individual philanthropy. 

I like what you are doing but don’t currently have time to give. Is there a place for me?

Absolutely. If you don’t have time to give in your current phase of life, you can be confident that your charitable dollars with us will go towards generating maximum impact. When you are ready, we have a range of commitment levels for you to get involved.

What opportunities are there for me to get involved? What are the different levels of commitment?

  • Annual Members Meeting: 2 hrs once a year in November.
  • All Members: 2 hrs monthly for general meetings.
  • Investment Committee: 1-2 hrs once a month from May to July, 5-8 hrs August to October.
  • Lead Member: 4 to 6 hrs a month
  • Board of Directors: 4 to 6 hrs a month

We encourage our members to also consider the many volunteer opportunities with our portfolio companies.

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